Eleven Reasons to Not Accept a Counter Offer

1. You have now made your employer aware that you are unhappy. From this day on your commitment will always be in question.

2. When promotion time comes around, your employer will remember who is loyal and who isn’t.

3. When times get tough, your employer will begin the cutbacks with you.

4. When your employer replaces you after six months and ‘lets you go’, it’ll be harder to turn them around than it was for them to turn you around.

5. Accepting a counter offer is an insult to your intelligence. You didn’t know what was best for you.

6. Accepting a counter offer is a blow to your personal pride, knowing you were ‘bought’.

7. Accepting a counter offer rarely changes the factors that drove you to look for a new job in the first place.

8. Where is the money for the counter offer coming from? Is it your next pay rise early?

9. Statistics show that if you accept a counter offer, there is a ninety percent chance you will be out of the job within six months.

10. What type of a company do you work for if you have to threaten to resign before they give you what you’re worth?

11. Why didn’t they pay you that before? It was because they didn’t think you were worth it.


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