Monthly Archives: August 2013

As the Director of Research and Development at WWW one of the tasks I am faced with on a daily basis is attempting to figure out what exactly a person’s job title really means. For example, one of our clients is looking to fill a Managing Director of Sales role. One would assume that a Managing Director of Sales role would actually “manage” people under him or her. However, when my boss informs me that the individual would not be managing a soul, I look at him doubfoundly.  Like that makes sense… I regularly bring up the idea that the industry should have standardized titles! How is anyone suppose to adequately find qualified candidates for a Director of Sales position to manage a team if half of the people with Director of Sales titles don’t have experience doing so. Standardized titles would make my job along with many other recruiters much easier. But I suppose if this was the case my job would essentially be much different!