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Hiring is up across the U.S., and that means you’ll be competing with the country’s biggest, most reputable technology companies for top talent. Are you prepared to find the brightest candidates for your business?


Partnering with a recruiting firm can ensure your success. However, don’t settle for firms that take the easy way out. Too many recruiters simply review an old stack of resumes and send you the candidates who seem like a relevant fit.


Surfacing the best employees for your business involves more than just finding bodies to fill empty seats. Your recruiter’s job is to identify the candidates who will take your company to the next level. That’s why you should partner with Woodbridge World Wide.


A full-service executive search firm catering to the technology sector, Woodbridge World Wide learns exactly what you are looking for in a hire and finds the perfect match. Furthermore, we don’t force you to adapt to our way of working. We learn your recruiting process and put it into action.


Justin Kane, the company’s founder, understands what it means to succeed in this industry and the ever-changing business climate. He knows what it takes to build pipelines, sell major technology platforms to retailers, and hit sales goals even during turbulent times.


Beyond that, he is fully aware of the challenges that come with making career changes. All of that life experience allows him to relate to you and potential hires, ensuring a better fit. Here is what Justin and the Woodbridge World Wide team will do for you:


  • We recruit specifically for you. You won’t find us scanning old resumes in hopes that the right candidate appears, and we don’t rely on Monster and CareerBuilder to find talent. We take part in exclusive and contingent-level searches to find candidates with specific backgrounds in your location. We search, screen, qualify, and present to you only the candidates who meet your requirements.
  • We network. 90% of recruits aren’t even thinking about looking for a new job. That’s a lot of gifted people that your average recruiting firm will never reach. We invest time and effort into building a pipeline of candidates. We attend trade shows and networking events to meet the top talent in the industry. We leverage social media. We aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and establish a relationship with desirable candidates—even when they aren’t looking. We do whatever it takes to get the A players in front of you.
  • We become your third-party negotiator. Candidates are more willing to tell us what you must do to convince them to make a career move. No longer do you have to figure out how to motivate a candidate to join your team. We do it for you.
  • We can fill all your positions. We specialize in the industry—not specific positions—so we can recruit top talent for your supply chain, warehousing, retail and marketing areas. We have a proven track record filling more general marketing, sales, executive sales and finance positions, as well as more specialized positions, including Forward Developer Engineers that are tech heavy but also customer facing and Integration Engineers with an emphasis in or around technologies such as HTML5 or Java.


Woodbridge World Wide has already made a mark in the industry as a search firm that helps to build technology companies that sell into retail. Let us help you find the industry’s most exceptional talent with our retained, priority and contingency search services.


Hey hiring folks, don’t be a jerk! You wanna know why? First things first.

1. Candidates won’t want to work for you! (they can tell during the interview that you are a jerk and people don’t want to subject themselves to working for jerks).

2. The word gets out to others in the industry and they won’t want to work or even talk to you either.

3. The main reason is because people talk. Remember that recruiters (the good ones like #woodbridgeworldwide) actually go out and actively recruit candidates from your competitors and…. If you are a jerk they will take that to the market place and word will spread like wild fire.

Always be selling! Always be closing when talking to candidates. If you see something on their resume that you question just ask them about it but don’t be a jerk about it. Jay Z says it best: “And no, I ain’t perfect, nobody walking this earth’s surface is.” so be cool, talk positively, and don’t be a jerk it will come back to haunt you and no one will every want to work with you.