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I recently read the best follow-up email to a client from a candidate who is interviewing for a Director of Sales position, which has prompted me to write this post. I will include this short and sweet note below as an example. My point today is simple, as a candidate you must follow up with the person who you have just interviewed with if you would like the process to continue. Its my opinion that you follow up with the hiring authority either way. During the interview process you must treat the company you are interviewing with as a client and as if you are meeting them for the first time or on a prospect call with them. This day and age it is customary to send your followup via email so don’t waste time with direct mail as it takes too long for the hiring authority to receive it and they may have passed on you for not sending it….

Don’t make your note to them sound desperate just rehash some of the content you discussed during the interview and keep it short and sweet. Take a look at the note below as an example:

I found our conversation to be insightful, honest and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time this morning to connect with me. I am grateful to have had the time to talk through your needs in market, talk about your challenges and opportunities, my qualifications and mapping the two together.

Having spent time with both the largest and the smallest of companies and brands, has given me the unique and diverse opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in different environments/cultures, exposure to variety of challenges, technologies, businesses and people. I have a proven track record of success, a deep understanding of our industry, and the desire and enthusiasm to take it to the next level. Familiar with working for a company at the intersection of media and technology, I believe that (Client company name) is a place where my background, experience, skills and creativity can be put to use and make things happen. 

It is clear that you all are great leaders, with a clear/shared vision, innovative and with a desirable culture to build a career. I am confident that I can provide value to you and your business partners as a member of your team, and I hope you feel similarly.

If I can provide anything further (i.e. references) to you to make your decision process easier, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for your consideration, and look forward to potential next steps!

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