Social Media Today

The world as we know it has never felt so small. Especially with the recent advances in communication technology, it feels as though everyone and everything is connected with a click of a button. You want to look up an old friend from college, just type in the name. You want to know who this girl is your pal is looking to date, bring up the search bar. It has become a constantly updating encyclopedia of people ranging from fifteen to seventy five years old. Without this resource, you are clueless as to what is going on around you. You don’t get party invites via mail anymore; instead you receive a Facebook event invite. You don’t need to make any more scrapbooks because uploading the pictures you want people to see was never easier than it is now.
If you don’t have a social media account, you have been put at a disadvantage. You get news slower and schedule changes less frequently. You hear less gossip and see less of other people’s lives. Obviously this could come as a blessing to some that hate the constant connection to everyone else. Those who couldn’t care to stay involved with other people may not see the necessity of having a social media account. I know first hand how social media can destroy relationships between friends, colleagues, teammates and even family. One negative post leads to another. It eventually creates a horrible situation to be involved in. Everything stated is permanently on the web. Everything you post can be found. So there is a liability aspect to the social media system.
However, like many large scale things like social media, there are going to be problems for some people that cannot be solved other than by self-regulation. It is quickly becoming the next “cell phone” or “computer” of this day and age. If you do not own a computer or a cell phone, it is like you do not exist. You have little record of communication. Imagine trying to get in touch with someone who doesn’t have an email, phone number, or Facebook account. If it is urgent, good luck. Facebook has become the way of communication if you do not have someone’s phone number, or email. It is a quick way to locate someone that you need to get in contact with.
Social media is only evolving and expanding. Whether you like that or not, you have to accept that this is the future. Those who don’t adapt to the surrounding changes will not be able to survive in the ever-changing world.


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