Words of advice: If you are hiring. Don’t be a Jerk!

Hey hiring folks, don’t be a jerk! You wanna know why? First things first.

1. Candidates won’t want to work for you! (they can tell during the interview that you are a jerk and people don’t want to subject themselves to working for jerks).

2. The word gets out to others in the industry and they won’t want to work or even talk to you either.

3. The main reason is because people talk. Remember that recruiters (the good ones like #woodbridgeworldwide) actually go out and actively recruit candidates from your competitors and…. If you are a jerk they will take that to the market place and word will spread like wild fire.

Always be selling! Always be closing when talking to candidates. If you see something on their resume that you question just ask them about it but don’t be a jerk about it. Jay Z says it best: “And no, I ain’t perfect, nobody walking this earth’s surface is.” so be cool, talk positively, and don’t be a jerk it will come back to haunt you and no one will every want to work with you.




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